Welcome to Medway Drum Studio, a proud Education Partner with leading drum manufacturer Mapex.

We provide a solid foundation for students to give them the ability to branch out into their chosen style. We use and recommend the excellent Backbone Drums syllabus and the Rockschool exam syllabus

  • Professional, comfortable environment
  • 30 Years of professional drumming experience
  • Over 20 years of teaching
  • Excellent equipment by Mapex and Paiste
  • Private sound treated studio
  • YouTube channel for practice and reminders
  • Free trial lesson

Drums are a very personal instrument so is the style you play. Rock, pop, jazz, funk, blues, country, indie, ballroom, big band, showband and so on.

It is our aim at Medway Drum Studio to build your foundation and help you move in the direction of your chosen genre. As you progress, we will introduce many different styles as it is always helpful to have a wide musical vocabulary.